Forum Rules

  1. Purpose:  The purpose of this forum is to be a useful force in the GA soccer community.

  2. 1.1.   The forum is at its best when people are exchanging information, discussing games, or debating rules and policy matters.  Quite a lot of this happens every day.

  3. 1.2.   In an ideal world, club leaders and GYSA officials would respond to criticisms and questions raised here, treating it like a town-hall meeting. We understand the behavior of the crowd sometimes discourages those contributions.  We still hope that enlightened leaders can ignore the noise and respond to the substance.

  4. 1.3.   Those of you who are sincere in your desire to keep the forum productive have more power than you think.  Call off the offenders, and start positive discussions.  Drown out the negative voices.

  5. 2.        Anonymity:  SoccerGA, LLC believes it is important to have a place to ask questions and express opinions without fear of repercussions to your children. However, you should be aware that anonymity has its limits:

  6. 2.1.   We will not release your IP address, ISP, or Network54 username if you use one, to anyone who just asks for it.  If you want to know who made a post, you will need to present a court order to Network54 and then to the person’s Internet Service Provider. 

  7. 2.2.   That said, you should know that every post you make is tracked by IP address, and that IP address is on file at your ISP or work location with a record of who was using it at the time.  So if you write something that is legally-actionable, you can be tracked.  You should make yourself aware of what constitutes libel (written defamation) and govern yourself accordingly.

  8. 2.3.   You are not as anonymous as you may think, particularly if you want to raise sensitive issues about matters within a team.   Many of the issues discussed are of interest to only a few people, and many of your friends and teammates know how you feel based on things they’ve heard you say; they will guess it’s you.   Since people often write the way they talk, people who know you may also be able to identify your posts by the style.  Most people who choose to air a team’s “dirty laundry” in this forum end up thinking it was a bad idea.

  9. 2.4.   Emails to SoccerGA are confidential.  You will never see one of them posted or referred to on the forum without permission.

  10. 3.        Moderation:  The forum is not moderated.  SoccerGA does not approve any content on here, and it does not represent the news of the operators. No one person can know enough about every facet of this huge community to know what is a fair criticism and what is just fabrication or trolling.   The people making the posts are solely responsible for their content.

  11. However, if we see off-topic posts, we will delete them in order to keep some semblance of order.  Here are the current guidelines; we reserve the right to modify them as someone comes up with a new way to disrupt things:

  12. 3.1.   On topic – Productive discussion of Georgia Youth Soccer, including

  13.         3.1.1.       Georgia club, school, and other organized youth soccer

  14.         3.1.2.       Youth soccer teams and organizations that compete with GA teams

  15.         3.1.3.       Collegiate and professional soccer performance anywhere in the world

  16.         3.1.4.       The occasional clean, non-political, joke to lighten things up, and discussion of BBQ just because.

  17. 3.2.   Off-topic - Anything not related to the above.  In particular:

  18.         3.2.1.        Political discussion or jokes (because the jokes always lead to political discussion).

  19.         3.2.2.       Offensive language 

  20.         3.2.3.       Stories on youth soccer outside of GA with no tie to GA teams. (e.g., almost anything originally posted on

  21.         3.2.4.       Personal attacks.  You can criticize someone’s decisions, management, performance or behavior on the field.  But you can’t just             throw slurs with no related content. 

  22.         3.2.5.       The “Batman” rule:  In very rare circumstances, we may ban any topic we decide has gone from productive discussion to pointless feud, or is causing problems for some other reason.  Generally, if there are a lot of IPs involved in a topic, we will take that as indication that there is still general interest in what is being discussed. 

  23.         3.2.6.        Character assassination.  You are not allowed to post about a specific person’s problems with substance abuse, domestic difficulties, or any matter that is the subject of police or court action not directly related to their soccer role.  SoccerGA understands that the general character of those who are in contact with our children is relevant.  However, the damage that can be done by false charges extends way beyond the limited sphere of youth soccer.  We won’t discuss it here.

  24.         3.2.7.        “Who’s the worst” posts.  Posts like this have no chance of serving an informative purpose.  No one on the forum has experienced every single coach, trainer, ref, parent, etc.  If you want to discuss a particular coach or official, discuss that person. 

  25. 3.3.   Please email us if you feel we’ve missed a violation of the above conditions.  We do not read every post, and we often only get to the forum once a day – help us out, please.  But also recognize we are not going to respond to every little infraction.   

  26. 4.        Deleting posts:  You can have posts deleted unconditionally under the following circumstances by making an emailed request to me:

  27. 4.1.   If you make a post that you regret, or see a post about you or your family that you find has “crossed the line”, send SoccerGA an email and we will delete it as soon as possible.  If you don’t want us to know your name, make a fake email address.   Note:  This rule is not to be interpreted as a free pass for club officials/coaches to ban discussion of their actions.  We will generally let on-topic discussions of public figures ride if multiple IPs are participating.

  28. 4.2.   I will edit any post to replace the name of a child with a first initial if it is pointed out to me by any interested party (in the case where the posts is otherwise informative, such as a game report).

  29. 4.3.   Remember that every post rolls off the first page in at most 3-4 days (1-2 days in season), and gets very few views after it is off the first page. 

  30. 4.4.   I may remove old posts in the course of normal forum cleanup.

  31. 5.        How to get yourself blocked:  In the case of clear abuse, we will block an IP from accessing the forum.  If this happens to you, feel free to write us ( and if you agree not to repeat the behavior, you will get unblocked.  Here are the main reasons we have blocked IPs:

  32. 5.1.   Obscenity –  Make a string of obscene posts, and the IP will be blocked for awhile so you can find something more productive to do.

  33. 5.2.   Ignoring deletions – If we delete a thread and you re-post the same content repeatedly, we will block the IP.  If a thread is deleted, it means someone has sensitivity about the topic.  Please take the hint.

  34. 5.3.   Off-topic repeat posts – Repeatedly make posts that are off-topic for the main forum, and we will block the IP.  If the posts fall into the character assassination category, we may block you on first posting.

  35. 5.4.   Outright lies – If you repeatedly post something that we find out is a lie (not opinion, not a mistake), we may block you. 

  36. 5.5.   Messing with the forum – Any effort to flood the forum or otherwise create a Denial of Service event will be subject to immediate blocking and possible further action (reporting to your ISP or company, etc.)

  37. 6.        Other abuse:  If we observe blatant attempts to manipulate the forum, we will take action to clean it up (deleting posts, blocking IPs).